Working with Virginie is a life changing experience

By Virginie Dor 8 years ago

Freedom from anxiety and stress and is what you will experience after working with Virginie. We moved numerous times in the last 12 years and continued to just move boxes of “stuff” along with us. Something had to be done and that was to make an appointment with Virginie.
Virginie and her partner arrived right on time for our appointment and we attacked the cave and the boxes and the mementos and all of that “stuff”. In just a few hours I could see the floor again and everything was neatly organized, labelled and/or donated. The feeling of control over my “stuff” was incredible and I could not have done this without the help of Virginie.

After this cave transformation we booked another day to set up a filing system. Again, Virginie’s attention to detail while keeping things simple, shaped up years of paperwork into neat files.

Working with Virginie is a life changing experience. She is honest, hard-working, positive, professional and efficient. I can highly recommend her and encourage you to tackle your organizational stresses with Virginie as your right hand girl, you will be glad you did.

-Lorretta C., Pully


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