Nos Services

Space of mine make time and space for yourself

Our mission is to help individuals and families take control of their time and space with upmost professionalism and confidentiality

  • We are here to:
  • Declutter

  • Purge

  • Sort

  • File

  • Organize

  • Purchase

  • Deliver

  • Assemble

  • Dispose

  • Recycle

  • Step by step
  • Initial consultation

    Without any obligation on your part, Space of Mine will come to you to discuss your project, goals and expectations.
    This on-site consultation includes:
    • Walk-through
    • Action plan proposal

  • Defining the project

    • In depth needs assessment
    • Choose your level of involvement (turnkey, team work or coaching)
    • Layout formal action plan
    • Pictures and measurement

  • First Session

    We’ll be at your door armed with label machines, bins and boxes!

Our three solutions


We handle everything from start to finish.

Team work

We work hand in hand.


We teach, guide, advise you, and you do the work.

Call us today to schedule your free on-site consultation.


Organizing rates

  • Minimum 3 consecutive hours: CHF 100.-/hour
  • 4 to 5 consecutive hours: CHF 90.-/hour
  • Daily rate 6 consecutive hours: CHF 500.-/fix
  • Hourly rate over 6 consecutive hours: CHF 80.-/hour

Other rates

  • Hourly rate for research, disposal and shopping: CHF 80.-/hour
  • Hourly rate for distant coaching: CHF 90.-/hour (No minimum consecutive hours)

Additional fees when applicable:

  • Additional labour provided by Space of Mine (second organizer, handyman or others when necessary) will be charged a minimum of CHF 80.-/hour, depending on qualifications.
  • Travel fee applicable above 45 minutes will be charged CHF 80.-/hour.Parking expenses will be charged to the client.
  • For all projects requiring an overnight stay, an additional CHF 200.- per night and per person will be charged on top of accommodation costs.