Virginie came over and worked her magic in our home recently and I cannot possibly give enough compliments to do justice to her service !

Our guest bedroom had been turned into a storage room when my parents sold their home and I needed to clear out my childhood bedroom. There were boxes from floor to ceiling and I didn’t even know where to start.

Virginie worked with us to go through every box and provided practical, easy and inexpensive methods of organization for the whole mess.

She is not only professional, but also very kind, hard working and patient. Virginie took the stress out of the job and broke it down into manageable tasks that were so rewarding to accomplish. It is very clear that she enjoys her work. 🙂

We were so happy with her work that Virginie has come over to help reorganize our closets, kitchen and pantry.

Virginie is amazing !!!!!!!!!

~ Deanna B.

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