I had Virginie from Space of Mine organize my kitchen and my pantry.

The rest of my house is really organized, but my small galley kitchen and the attached pantry with pocket door that’s always open was a massive eyesore.

I just couldn’t seem to make it work on my own. Virginie was amazing, and a work horse! I thought I was a super hard worker but she has me beat.

She helped me work within my budget using very inexpensive organizers for the closed cabinets, then buying some nice pieces for the visible space that made it look really classy without breaking the bank.

She found 2 matching stainless steel trash cans (one for recycle, one for trash) that fit side by side and the exact height of raised area/ shelf behind them so I can utilize all the space.

A beautiful cloth lined wicker basket for dishtowels, and my favorite, 2 side by side spice racks to go under a high cabinet so all my spices and vinegars/olive oils are lined up at fingertip reach and easy to grab everything when I cook. She organized all my kitchen drawers and cabinets.

She got me two beautiful stainless steel containers for spatula’s, spoons, tongs, etc to go next to the stove at hands reach when I’m cooking.

I used to hate my kitchen and my pantry which was an avalanche waiting to happen. Now, all like items are stored together, easy to find, and simple to keep that way.

I was so happy, I had her do my bathroom too! Now if I need a band-aid, I have a first aid container to go to.

A hair product bin, a drawer for anything regarding teeth/mouth, a drawer for make-up, a drawer for travel size toiletries when I fly…the list goes on and on.

I can find everything now, and no more things falling over or stress when I’m looking for something. Time and money well spent, I’m very picky and I would definitely recommend Space of Mine for anyone looking to get more organized.

~ Deborah K. YELP

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