Services qualifiés en rangement et désencombrement

Un déménagement ? L’arrivée d’un enfant ? L’envie de mieux s’organiser ?
Spécialiste du rangement et membre de l’Association Nationale des Organisateurs Professionnels (NAPO), nous donnons un nouveau souffle à votre  vie.



Un déménagement doit se préparer, il faut songer à l’emballage et au déballage, au tri et à la mise en place d’une nouvelle organisation de rangement adaptée au nouveau lieu. Nous vous offrons ces services.

Changement de vie

L’arrivée d’un enfant, un mariage ou l’annonce d’un décès chamboulent la vie. Avec nos services, vous traverserez ces moments sans vous soucier des détails du quotidien.

Mobilité réduite

Un aîné qui a besoin de soutien ? Un réaménagement de votre espace de vie à la suite d’un accident ? Nos services pour les personnes à mobilité réduite vous apporteront les solutions qui amélioreront votre autonomie.

Les défis du quotidien

Désencombrer, trier et ranger ? C’est aussi gérer son temps et ses priorités ! Nous concevons, pour vous, des systèmes de rangement sur mesure et nous optimisons l’aménagement de vos espaces.


Désorganisation chronique

La désorganisation chronique est très handicapante pour les personnes qui en souffrent ainsi que pour les personnes qui les entourent.

Space of Mine vous apporte une écoute, un accompagnement et une aide qui va vous permettre de sortir de cette situation.

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Nos services

Nos services

Space of Mine s’occupe de la totalité des tâches et vous fournit des conseils en rangement et organisation résidentiels.

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Témoignages de nos clients

Votre satisfaction est notre objectif, notre métier est notre passion !

Working with Virginie is a life changing experience

7 mars 2016
Freedom from anxiety and stress and is what you will experience after working with Virginie. We moved numerous times in the last 12 years and continued to just move boxes of « stuff » along with us. Something had to be done and that was to make an appointment with Virginie. Virginie and her partner arrived right on time for our appointment and we attacked the cave and the boxes and the mementos and all of that « stuff ». In just a few hours I could see the floor again and everything was neatly organized, labelled and/or donated. The feeling of control over my « stuff » was incredible and I could not have done this without the help of Virginie. After this cave transformation we booked another day to set up a filing system. Again, Virginie’s attention to detail while keeping things simple, shaped up years of paperwork into neat files. Working with Virginie is a life changing experience. She is honest, hard-working, positive, professional and efficient. I can highly recommend her and encourage you to tackle your organizational stresses with Virginie as your right hand girl, you will be glad you did. -Lorretta C., Pully  

5 tips to be more organized

15 mai 2016
Published:15 mai 2016 : by 5 tips to be more organized To be honest with you, I had NO idea what a professional organizer was or what he/she did. Therefore I was very interested to meet Virginie Dor, the proud owner of Space-of-Mine an owner operated business specialized in residential organizing servicing Vaud, Geneva, Neuchatel and everywhere in between! A little more about Virginie: Virginie has traveled/lived all around the world and has a huge experience in Professional Organizing! She is member of theNational Association of Professional Organizers and has an natural intuition to do what she does. Therefore, I asked her to share some of her well kept secrets on how to keep a space organized! A little more about Space of Mine: Specialized in residential organizing, they are committed to help individuals better their lives, take control of their surroundings and time by customizing systems and processes using organizing principles. They are experts in clutter control, work flow, space planning and time management. They provide full organizing services including personal shopping, pick-up, delivery, assembling and disposal of goods and furniture. 5  Simple tips to be more organized (and stay more organized) 1.- Use your Logic We went through my house and saw an obvious (yet I hadn’t realized) thing to do. I could not arrange my hand bags, because a really big one did not fit. Therefore we switched the height of the shelves and TADA! Now I can arrange by bags, my clutches are in the bottom because it is easier to grab. Before & After of my Bags Virginie: “There are no rules; you have to think outside the box! I personally store my handbags in the kitchen for example” 2.- Avoid EXTRA steps Do you have a pile of papers on top of your desk all the time? This is probably because it takes you 72513 steps to file it, put it in the right place and contain it. The things that you do all the time try to avoid steps and have open places to put them: To Do, Done, In Process.Use stackable trays or wall mounted systems to save space as well. Virginie: “I often recommend using hanging file folder systems and vertical boxes rather than binders to file paperwork. It is quick, practical, simple and allows for an easy retrieval” 3.- SEE Clearly Try to organize your thing in clear boxes, bins, zip-lock bags and opt for open shelving. It is easier to be organized when you can see what‘s inside and also it is much much easier to find! Virginie: “I like to keep things like linen, duvet covers or kid’s toys in clear plastic bags or boxes; this makes it easier to store, stack and find!” 4.- Fold and arrange smartly I have heard that it is easier to fold vertically, but I had never had the time to test it. Now that I did, I see that it is much easier to keep it organized and also it saves time when I am looking for

I would recommend her to all of my friends and clients

13 juillet 2015
WooHooooo! If I could put ten stars I would.  Virginie is so smart and creative in her approach to organization. She implements ideas that work that I wish I would have thought of for myself years ago. She can do everything from organize your closet, kitchen, and other living spaces, to help you get ready for a move in or a move out. Virginie helped me organize and sort through items after I moved from a larger home to a smaller space. She took a lot of the stress off of me and really got in there and did the heavy lifting. My boyfriend was busy working so we essentially did everything ourselves. I don’t think I could have done it without her and made so much progress so quickly. It was worth every penny and more to have peace of mind and have my home looking fresh and beautiful. I would recommend her to all of my friends and clients for small and large jobs. You will love her when you meet her and you can tell that she truly cares for the wellbeing of her clients. Virginie has an eye for detail and will definitely make your daily life easier to live.  I will use her time and time again. ~ Viridiana H. YELP

Virginie’s quickness, efficiency and organizing skills cut my stress in half

13 juillet 2015
I recently purchased a house and was having lots of anxiety about moving as I had multiple boxes of stuff  from 10yrs ago that my parents had dumped on my, all my college stuff and much more. Virginie was great she came to help me organize packing, which she did so quick and efficiently. She is a pleasure to work with and direct in controlling a minor hoarder like me. Once moved she came to help me organize, unpack, still helping me get rid of unneeded things. She was wonderful, so helpful. With three bedrooms, office, walk in pantry and kids play room to organize. I was so grateful to have her referred to me. Virginie’s quickness ,efficiently and organizing skills cut my stress in half, not to mention her impeccable eye for great design was so helpful.  Now settled in the new house I feel organized, de-cluttered, and trendy with design. ~ Nicole H. YELP
National Association of Professionnal Organizers