Working with Virginie is a life changing experience

7 March 2016
Freedom from anxiety and stress and is what you will experience after working with Virginie. We moved numerous times in the last 12 years and continued to just move boxes of “stuff” along with us. Something had to be done and that was to make an appointment with Virginie. Virginie and her partner arrived right on time for our appointment and we attacked the cave and the boxes and the mementos and all of that “stuff”. In just a few hours I could see the floor again and everything was neatly organized, labelled and/or donated. The feeling of control over my “stuff” was incredible and I could not have done this without the help of Virginie. After this cave transformation we booked another day to set up a filing system. Again, Virginie’s attention to detail while keeping things simple, shaped up years of paperwork into neat files. Working with Virginie is a life changing experience. She is honest, hard-working, positive, professional and efficient. I can highly recommend her and encourage you to tackle your organizational stresses with Virginie as your right hand girl, you will be glad you did. -Lorretta C., Pully  

I can find everything now !

13 July 2015
I had Virginie from Space of Mine organize my kitchen and my pantry. The rest of my house is really organized, but my small galley kitchen and the attached pantry with pocket door that’s always open was a massive eyesore. I just couldn’t seem to make it work on my own. Virginie was amazing, and a work horse! I thought I was a super hard worker but she has me beat. She helped me work within my budget using very inexpensive organizers for the closed cabinets, then buying some nice pieces for the visible space that made it look really classy without breaking the bank. She found 2 matching stainless steel trash cans (one for recycle, one for trash) that fit side by side and the exact height of raised area/ shelf behind them so I can utilize all the space. A beautiful cloth lined wicker basket for dishtowels, and my favorite, 2 side by side spice racks to go under a high cabinet so all my spices and vinegars/olive oils are lined up at fingertip reach and easy to grab everything when I cook. She organized all my kitchen drawers and cabinets. She got me two beautiful stainless steel containers for spatula’s, spoons, tongs, etc to go next to the stove at hands reach when I’m cooking. I used to hate my kitchen and my pantry which was an avalanche waiting to happen. Now, all like items are stored together, easy to find, and simple to keep that way. I was so happy, I had her do my bathroom too! Now if I need a band-aid, I have a first aid container to go to. A hair product bin, a drawer for anything regarding teeth/mouth, a drawer for make-up, a drawer for travel size toiletries when I fly…the list goes on and on. I can find everything now, and no more things falling over or stress when I’m looking for something. Time and money well spent, I’m very picky and I would definitely recommend Space of Mine for anyone looking to get more organized. ~ Deborah K. YELP

I didn’t even know where to start

13 July 2015
Virginie came over and worked her magic in our home recently and I cannot possibly give enough compliments to do justice to her service ! Our guest bedroom had been turned into a storage room when my parents sold their home and I needed to clear out my childhood bedroom. There were boxes from floor to ceiling and I didn’t even know where to start. Virginie worked with us to go through every box and provided practical, easy and inexpensive methods of organization for the whole mess. She is not only professional, but also very kind, hard working and patient. Virginie took the stress out of the job and broke it down into manageable tasks that were so rewarding to accomplish. It is very clear that she enjoys her work. 🙂 We were so happy with her work that Virginie has come over to help reorganize our closets, kitchen and pantry. Virginie is amazing !!!!!!!!! ~ Deanna B. Published on YELP

I was so overwhelmed before, but now I am feeling empowered !

13 July 2015
Virginie is a powerhouse of organization!!! I knew I needed to get organized, but had NO idea how EVERYTHING can be organized ! Virginie got to the heart of the problems quickly and offered suggestions, solutions, and options ! The whole session was SO UPLIFTING !! It boosted my self-esteem!  These are things I can do, change, and implement ! Now I look at everything with an eye to how to make it more streamlined, efficient, easier, neater, and more organized. I am working to implement the ideas she gave me and loving the ones I have accomplished !! I was so overwhelmed before, but now I am feeling empowered ! I did not know a thing about organization professionals, but I sure lucked out with THE BEST !!!! I encourage you to not hesitate and see how amazing Virginie is in person ! ~ Karen P. YELP

Virginie’s quickness, efficiency and organizing skills cut my stress in half

13 July 2015
I recently purchased a house and was having lots of anxiety about moving as I had multiple boxes of stuff  from 10yrs ago that my parents had dumped on my, all my college stuff and much more. Virginie was great she came to help me organize packing, which she did so quick and efficiently. She is a pleasure to work with and direct in controlling a minor hoarder like me. Once moved she came to help me organize, unpack, still helping me get rid of unneeded things. She was wonderful, so helpful. With three bedrooms, office, walk in pantry and kids play room to organize. I was so grateful to have her referred to me. Virginie’s quickness ,efficiently and organizing skills cut my stress in half, not to mention her impeccable eye for great design was so helpful.  Now settled in the new house I feel organized, de-cluttered, and trendy with design. ~ Nicole H. YELP

I would recommend her to all of my friends and clients

13 July 2015
WooHooooo! If I could put ten stars I would.  Virginie is so smart and creative in her approach to organization. She implements ideas that work that I wish I would have thought of for myself years ago. She can do everything from organize your closet, kitchen, and other living spaces, to help you get ready for a move in or a move out. Virginie helped me organize and sort through items after I moved from a larger home to a smaller space. She took a lot of the stress off of me and really got in there and did the heavy lifting. My boyfriend was busy working so we essentially did everything ourselves. I don’t think I could have done it without her and made so much progress so quickly. It was worth every penny and more to have peace of mind and have my home looking fresh and beautiful. I would recommend her to all of my friends and clients for small and large jobs. You will love her when you meet her and you can tell that she truly cares for the wellbeing of her clients. Virginie has an eye for detail and will definitely make your daily life easier to live.  I will use her time and time again. ~ Viridiana H. YELP