Professional organizing services

Moving? Sick of wasting time looking for things? Don’t know where to start?

As proud members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO),

we are experts in clutter control, workflow, time and space management.


Moving & relocation

• Pack, unpack & organize
• Senior move management

Lifestyle changes

• Births & deaths
• Marriage, divorces & blended families
• Career changes
• Limited mobility (aging, illnesses & accidents)

Residential organizing

• Hands-on home organizing (attic to basement)
• Space planning & optimization
• Time management & productivity

Chronic disorganization

• Hoarding
• Executive functioning disorders


Chronic Disorganization

The term ‘chronically disorganized’ is NOT a diagnosis or an illness; it is used to describe a situation in which traditional organizing methods are unlikely to be maintained and will require particularly unique and simple solutions to become more organized.

In these circumstances, we provide our clients with additional support: education to learn new skills, coaching to change habits and sustain motivation, emotional support to increase self-confidence, and long term support to maintain a reasonable organized environment when needed.
To learn more about chronic disorganization, visit the links below:

Our services

  • Declutter
  • Pack-unpack
  • Purge
  • Recycle
  • Sort
  • Optimize
  • File
  • Organize


Our mission is to exceed expectations. Our job is our passion!

I would recommend her to all of my friends and clients

24 February 2016
WooHooooo! If I could put ten stars I would.  Virginie is so smart and creative in her approach to organization. She implements ideas that work that I wish I would have thought of for myself years ago. She can do everything from organize your closet, kitchen, and other living spaces, to help you get ready for a move in or a move out. Virginie helped me organize and

She transformed a closet into an actual bedroom

24 February 2016
My place is organized, but I needed help with arranging furniture, and making my place look cleaner. Virginie came over, listened to my concerns, and before I knew it she was elbow deep in my clutter (I thought I was clutter-free!). She helped me organize my daughter’s room and transformed it from looking like it was the size of a closet to the size of an actual bedroom. She spent every minute organizing things. I love Virginie (I only met her once – is it too soon to say that?)! She focused on using things I already had and reused them in ways that I would have never thought of. I have previously used an interior decorator, and this experience with Virginie was night and day.  Virginie spent every moment working hands on, rearranging, etc. Meanwhile my interior decorator only gave me ideas and a shopping list. My daughter’s bedroom now looks like a room out of a magazine.  I cannot stop talking about it! I am so so so so happy with the outcome! Could not imagine how my experience could have been better.  Thank you so much Virginie! ~ Heidi W. YELP


24 February 2016
I had Virginie from Space of Mine organize my kitchen and my pantry. The rest of my house is really organized, but my small galley kitchen and the attached pantry with pocket door that’s always open was a massive eyesore. I just couldn’t seem to make it work on my own. Virginie was amazing, and a work horse! I thought I was a super hard worker but she has me beat. She helped me work within my budget using very inexpensive organizers for the closed cabinets, then buying some nice pieces for the visible space that made it look really classy without breaking the bank. She found 2 matching stainless steel trash cans (one for recycle, one for trash) that fit side by side and the exact height of raised area/ shelf behind them so I can utilize all the space. A beautiful cloth lined wicker basket for dishtowels, and my favorite, 2 side by side spice racks to go under a high cabinet so all my spices and vinegars/olive oils are lined up at fingertip reach and easy to grab everything when I cook. She organized all my kitchen drawers and cabinets. She got me two beautiful stainless steel containers for spatula’s, spoons, tongs, etc to go next to the stove at hands reach when I’m cooking. I used to hate my kitchen and my pantry which was an avalanche waiting to happen. Now, all like items are stored together, easy to find, and simple to keep that way. I was so happy, I had her do my bathroom too! Now if I need a band-aid, I have a first aid container to go to. A hair product bin, a drawer for anything regarding teeth/mouth, a drawer for make-up, a drawer for travel size toiletries when I fly…the list goes on and on. I can find everything now, and no more things falling over or stress when I’m looking for something. Time and money well spent, I’m very picky and I would definitely recommend Space of Mine for anyone looking to get more organized. ~ Deborah K. YELP

Bring some order into your life with Space of Mine

24 February 2016
Bring some order into your life with Space of Mine Published: 08 November 2015 by How many times have you wondered what it would be like if you had more time to organize your belongings and bring some order to your life? How much calmer would you be, if all the unnecessary clutter was removed from your home? Well, now you can find out!  Virginie Dor, founder of Space of Mine, offers a professional organizing service designed to help individuals take control of their surroundings. Expert in clutter control, work flow, space planning, and time management, Space of Mine uses proven organizing principles to create customized systems and processes for its clients. In short, Space of Mine specializes in: Residential organizing/daily organizing: – Hands-on home organizing (attic to basement) – Space planning & optimization – Time management & productivity Lifestyle changes & transitions/situational disorganization: – Births & deaths – Marriage, divorces & blended families – Career changes – Limited mobility (aging, illnesses & accidents) Moving & Relocation: – Pack, unpack & organize – Senior move management Chronic Disorganization: – Hoarding – Executive functioning disorders – ADD, ADHD – OCD Asked how she got into the business of organizing, Virginie told, “Genetics might have something to do with it! Between my father’s 30 color-coded sock drawers and my grandmother’s uncontrollable urge to rearrange furniture in a doctors waiting room, I was born to do this. I have also moved nationally and internationally over 20 times and enjoyed every minute of it, my last move being to Switzerland in September 2014.” She continued, “As far as I can remember, I have always felt an innate desire to help others one way or another. I have volunteered as a childbirth assistant (Doula), worked with refugee children and am now helping people sort through the chaos of their busy lives.” Virginie started her company in 2012 and has been working as a full-time professional organizer since then. As a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), she has had the privilege of studying and working with and for some of the best professionals in the industry. So what makes Space of Mine different to the handful of other professional organizers in Switzerland? Virginie told us, “What separates me from others in this business is not only my extensive training and experience in the US (where the field originated over 30 years ago), but also the fact that I am the only member of the National Organization of Professional Organizers (in Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium), which is the international industry authority. Members obey a strict code of ethics, and have access to an extensive network of resources, knowledge and continuing education opportunities. Unlike others, I also offer senior move management services (downsizing, move, relocation, and transition to retirement homes) and cater to individuals suffering from limited mobility and memory impairments. On a personal level, I am particularly attuned to cultures and customs when working with my clients and take
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